Mondays Rant: Can the NBA actually benefit from a lockout?

So by now, all of you have heard that the NFL lifted their lockout after 100 and something days. The day finally came, but the side effects will last at least the whole season. The Hall Of Fame game is cancelled, millions of dollars lost and everything from here to the first game of football will be rushed.

While the NBA could run into the same problem, there is one thing that they can benefit from- an overseas audience. Just think about it, if Derrick Rose was to go to China (which was a rumor), he would be the next person from the NBA to be idolized over there. The same thing goes for Turkey, Kobe Bryant could join Deron Williams over there (which is also a rumor) to form a super team overseas. The NBA would go international, and once the lockout is lifted, the NBA could see their popularity rise.

Deron Williams started the exodus, and many star players are considering to follow his lead. Dwyane Wade, Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, Kevin Durant, Steve Nash, Ron Artest, Danny Granger, and plenty of other NBA players are considering the move. It makes sense, their brand could go international if it hasn’t already. Their money is tax free, so a contract like Deron Williams, 1 year for $5 million, is actually worth a $10 million contract in the NBA.

However, there is one problem that can change this whole landscape. Deron Williams contract that he signed may not be held as legal by FIBA due to his out clause if the lockout was to end. The out clause could be held illegal because it could detract from the stability of the Turkish league. Therefore, everyone is waiting on FIBA’s ruling, if it is accepted watch out for most of NBA’s stars to follow suit. If not, its back to the drawing board.

Call me whatever you want, but I believe the NBA and its players could actually benefit from this… more so the players. In the end though, let’s hope the lockout is lifted.

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