Balls Deep In Sports

Writing a blog is hard. Whether you're up late nights sticking it to your future self, or rising up early to write before coming in to other work, sometimes you just get the hairy end of the shaft. Sometimes when writing, you just come up flaccid. Luckily in the sports world there is always a breaking story that you can grab by the horn and shake until nothing else comes from it. Here at Two Balls One Strike, I make sure that all the Generals, their colonels and the John Thomases who want to be hung up on the latest piece of sports gossip and information don't have schlong to wait before getting their unit of data. Whether it's about Willie Mitchell and his latest twig, what kind of salami Dick Pole ate for dinner, or whether Jimmy Johnson got a new hog or chopper, we've got you covered (and you should always be covered when dealing with stuff you don't know). My posts are always at least 6-8 inches long (unless it's cold), I wouldn't want to stiffy you for all your sports needs.