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Alright, so I have had this crazy idea that I’ve had in my head these past couple of days that I would like to throw out there to my fellow twoballers…

The NHL’s popularity was down in the dumps several years ago. There just wasn’t much interest outside of those crazy fanatics that every sport has.

Then came the NHL Winter Classic in 2008. You know, the outdoor game that is played on or around New Year’s Day. It gave the sport a lot of exposure, and in a way sparked the interest of the casual Hockey fan.

I’ll admit, I was one of them. But in a way, due to the NHL Winter Classic games and its unique throwback feel of the game, it helped me become a fan of the NHL.

I could be reaching here, but just think about it. It’s on New Year’s Day a.k.a. National Hangover Day. The people that are not suffering from going to work are sitting on their couches trying to get rid of that enormous headache they have. What a better way to recover from your hangover than to sit on your couch with whatever cold beverage of your choice close to your side with sports on your television. Many people are watching, which in turn creates great exposure for the sport. The popularity of the sport increases.


Now here comes my point…

Major League Baseball’s popularity, in terms of what it once was, is in the dumps. The game is slower then ever and it’s in trouble.

This is what I propose: A Field Of Dreams game.

Corny, I know (no pun intended). This game would be the equivalent to the NHL’s Winter Classic. The field, either at it’s original Field Of Dreams stadium, or at another stadium with corn stalks as the outfield walls.

It would have that throwback feel. It would literally and figuratively bring back the term that everyone uses when describing baseball, “America’s Pastime.” I’ve thought of it all, it would even have that competitive feel because the two teams in this game would be the teams that battled in the World Series the year before. These two teams, obviously sporting throwback jerseys.

In doing some research, they’ve already thrown a celebrity/old timers game that brought many people to the stands. The game raised over $100,000 for local charity.

The MLB could even do that, some if not all (most likely not all) proceeds could go to a cause. The current programs they are associated with are The Boys and Girls Clubs of Americas and Stand Up To Cancer, to name a few.

Baseball needs a spark, something fresh, a new idea. This could be it, a fun new addition to the season. Just like the way the NHL Winter Classic is, the Field of Dreams game could be the same way. Popularity will rise once again!

Just saying, this could happen, and because I am proposing this idea, it should happen!

I mean really, who wouldn’t want to see this!?

Will it happen? Probably not, but it is a pretty awesome idea to say so myself.

Jared Levine Administrator
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